Mary Reiss Farias

Author, mindset and personal development coach, gymnastics coach, former gym owner, former Division I competitor, former level 10 competitor

My name is Mary Reiss Farias

I am an author, gymnastics coach, former gym owner, former NCAA Division I competitive gymnast, a former level 10 gymnast, and I am focused on using my background and expertise in the sport and my training as a Proctor Gallagher Consultant to help gymnasts, parents, and coaches develop an understanding of the often overlooked mental side of gymnastics.

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Author of the Gym Rats book series!

Gym Rats Basic Training
“What if I bounce off my head?” All gymnasts can relate to Morgan as she works hard to get her round-off back handspring!

Gym Rats Toe Jam
Best friends and gymnasts, Morgan and Madison, continue their exploits in the second book of the Gym Rats series. There isn’t a gymnast in the world that hasn’t gotten hurt and was unable to perform at her best. The Gym Rats get a taste of what injury is like in Gym Rats: Toe Jam.

Gym Rats Moving Up
Morgan and Madison continue their fun in the gym in the third book in the Gym Rats series! In Gym Rats: Moving Up, the Gym Rats find out to see if they’reready to move up to the competitive team at their gym, TGC! Read as they work hard to accomplish their goals!

Gym Rats First Meet
See what it’s like for Morgan and Madison to prepare for and compete in their first meet! There are lots of things that go into competing, and the Gym Rats learn how tobe competitive gymnasts. As always, learn more in the Coach’s Corner and Drills to Skills sections!

Gym Rats Glide Kip
Morgan and Madison are still best friends and still Gym Rats. This time, read as they go through the trials and tribulations of getting their kips! Their arch rivals, Amber and Leslie, are at it again, trying to sabotage the Gym Rats’ every move. After the story, keep reading for coach tips, drills, and more!