Welcome to Objective Edge

385D9EED-6291-4A70-9C90-1CAE263B48D0My name is Mary Farias. I am a gymnastics club owner, head coach and program director, writer, wife, homeschool mom, gymnastics mom, adherent of a plant-based diet, aspiring objectivist.

I’ll cover many topics in this blog, beginning with a series of articles about the toxic and dangerous culture of USA Gymnastics. I know many people in the gymnastics world, including coaches, elite-level gymnasts, everyday gymnasts, and parents. A great number of coaches are in the sport for good reason and to help children realize the positive benefits that involvement in the sport can provide. Many others, however, are in it for the fame and ego feeding frenzy that coaching an elite athlete can bring.

Eating a healthy plant-based diet is also a main focus and priority in my family’s life. Asked for years to write down and share recipes, I am finally starting to do it here.

While mine is just one perspective on many issues, my main goal is that I make people think about the topics I present, whether or not they agree with everything I espouse.


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