Introducing New Fiction by Mary Farias!

Mental Block is the first book in a series that focuses on older gymnasts and what they go through in the gym. It will be available at amazon.com in May 2019.

Allison is an upper-level gymnast who will not go for her giant for some reason after competently performing the skill multitudes of times. Mental Block focuses on how the problem is internalized (and externalized) by the gymnast, how her coach and parents handle the situation, and how Allison ultimately overcomes the problem. Does she prevail over her mental block, or does she give up?

By the author of the Gym Rats series, Mental Block is for the more advanced gymnast (and her parents and coaches!). Older gymnasts are considered role models in the gym and are seen as invincible in the eyes of little gymnasts. Mental Block is a real story about how important it is to maintain the cognitive side of gymnastics, and just how valuable it is to be given the tools to overcome mental obstacles.

Cover_Mental Block


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