Why I Write Children’s Gymnastics Books – Part I

I write a children’s book series about gymnastics and the important life skills the sport teaches called Gym Rats. I published the first book, Gym Rats Basic Training 10 years ago with the intention of reinforcing the life lessons that gymnastics can help teach young gymnasts.

Since then, I have published four more in the Gym Rats series, and will continue to publish more. The reason is simple: although our sport has the opportunity to help kids learn these lessons, the lessons must be reinforced by coaches, parents, and other sources, like the Gym Rats books. Kids do not learn life lessons by osmosis. These lessons must be supplemented by the important people and resources in our kids’ lives. We need to surround our kids with positive influences that will help exemplify what we want our kids to learn. This book series does just that.

After 10 years, it is time for me to create a new Kindle edition of each of the books, starting with the first book, Gym Rats Basic Training. This awesome new edition has many cool links to documents and videos that your gymnast can reference to continue her learning of gymnastics and its life lessons. It can help parents and coaches learn a few lessons too, or at least serve as a reminder about why we do what we do.

Another fun thing I’m doing is creating an audio version of each of the books in the series. Gymnasts are on the go – they can listen in the car on the way to practice or get some extra motivation on the way to a meet!

I’m excited about this re-launch! It is rekindling my passion about why I write about gymnastics, why the sport is important, and even more, why having great influences in our kids’ lives matters!


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