Why I Write Children’s Gymnastics Books – Part 2

As I prepare to re-launch my Children’s Gymnastics Book Series, Gym Rats, I have been reflecting on why it is that I actually set out to write books about gymnastics in the first place. In my last blog, I mentioned the all-important life lessons that this sport offers, but also must be reinforced by the people our gymnasts spend time with, the types of things they watch, and the types of books they read. The Gym Rats series offers the positive reinforcement they need to learn and retain these important life lessons.

One of the important life lessons a gymnast can learn is friendship and camaraderie. Starting in Gym Rats Basic Training, and continuing throughout the series, Morgan and Madison are best friends and they share a notebook with each other. In it, they write to each other about their fears, their goals, what excites them about gymnastics, and what motivates them. They draw and design leotards and create their own gym.

The idea of writing in a notebook with a gymnast best friend was not a concept that I conjured out of the blue. I actually did it! My best friend and teammate and I would write notes back and forth to each other everyday. It got to the point where we had so many notes that we didn’t know where to keep them anymore, so we decided to get a notebook and write back and forth in that. This notebook became a very important part of our friendship, and it helped motivate us in the gym. It was a really great way for us to build our confidence, and let each other know that we were in it together, even though gymnastics was an individual sport.

With this re-launch of the Gym Rats book series, I’ve created the Gym Rats OFFICIAL Notebook! There will be a new notebook available with each re-launched book. Now your gymnast can read the books with her best friend and they can write back and forth to each other! Of course, the notebook can be used for just your gymnast to write down her goals, her fears, and her motivation — just like a journal for herself. Either way, your gymnast isn’t just reading the Gym Rats books, but she is also developing her writing skills!


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