Never Stop Setting Goals

As you know, I am re-launching my Gym Rats gymnastics book series. (Get your FREE paperback here!) With this re-launch has come many new goals, which means many new responsibilities, and, as a result, many new skills that I am adding to my repertoire.

One important life skill that we need to teach our kids is that with goals comes responsibility. In order to meet those responsibilities, we must learn new skills. This is true all throughout life.

A student may have a goal of getting an A on an exam. With that goal, she has the responsibility to work diligently to do her homework and to study hard. Along with the work and the studying comes new skills (i.e. math skills, map skills, writing skills, studying skills) that she didn’t posses before.

A gymnast may have the goal of reaching the next level of competition. With that goal comes the responsibility of pushing herself in conditioning to get stronger so that it is safe to try her new routines. She will likely need to spend more time in the gym working at those new new routines. In the journey of being able to compete at a higher level, she will acquire new strength and skills that she never had before.

A writer and publisher may have the goal of re-launching her previously published book series. With that goal comes the responsibility of committing to a launch date, updating the books, creating an audio book, marketing, and the list goes on. With those responsibilities come new skills: learning and understanding new programs and platforms, understanding and utilizing new marketing strategies, etc.

With goals comes responsibility. With added responsibility comes the acquisition of new skills. And it so happens that the moment one acquires a new skill, new and more exciting goals present themselves!

We must push our children to always make goals and to work hard to achieve them. The moment a person stops setting goals, is the moment he stops taking responsibility for himself and his life, and is the moment he stops learning new skills. This is when he will stagnate. We want more for our kids. They deserve more.


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