What do you want to get out of gymnastics?

Besides the obvious answer of learning how to do gymnastics, what do you want your gymnast to get out of gymnastics?

As a gymnastics coach, I have always had a coaching philosophy, something that acts as an underlying guide to everything I do in the gym and in the sport. Here is a screenshot of my gym’s philosophy:

As a former gymnast, I know that gymnastics had more to offer me than just a scholarship to a Division I college. I learned many, many life lessons through my participation in the sport. This wasn’t by osmosis; my coaches actually helped develop these things in me. My coaches had an underlying philosophy to develop the person, not just the athlete.

As a gym mom, I want my daughter to be able to be a well-adjusted and confident person. I want gymnastics to be a source to build up her confidence and help her develop a high self-esteem. I want her to learn time management skills, be disciplined, and work hard – not out of fear of her coach or the fear of failure, but because she has goals that she wants to accomplish for herself.

I believe that every gymnastics parent and every gymnastics coach needs to think about what it is that they want their gymnasts to get out of the sport. Develop a philosophy that matches, or find a coach whose philosophy matches, and consistently work to match and develop it. If you are in a spot where the philosophy doesn’t match up to what you want to teach or what you want your daughter to learn, then it’s time to stand up and do what it takes to find something that does. Consistency and integrity are key.

Your gymnast will thank you.


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