Welcome to the Gym Rats Blog

Gymnastics is a great sport, and there are many, many life skills and lessons we can learn each day by being a part of it. I have been a gymnast or coach nearly all my life. It made me a strong, independent, person, and I want to impart those characteristics onto as many kids I can.

I published my first book in the Gym Rats series in 2010 with the intention of spreading the positive lessons I learned in the gym to other gymnasts. I have since published five more in the series, with the sixth coming out in 2021.

In addition to the Gym Rats series, I have begun a series of novellas for the older gymnast. The first novella I published was Mental Block. The next is coming out later this year.

The Gym Rats Magazine is a quarterly magazine that parents, gymnasts and coaches can subscribe to read more about current gymnastics events, read about gymnastics books and movies, and get valuable tips like injury prevention suggestions and nutrition information.

In 2012, my husband, Marc, and I started our own gym, Tucson Gymnastics Center, with the goal to teach kids of all fitness levels the positive life lessons that gymnastics has to offer.

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