Gym Rats Books for the Everyday Gymnast

Elite gymnasts are in the spotlight. They are in newspaper articles. We recognize them in magazines and on cereal boxes. We also now know what they truly have given up to achieve their notoriety. In 2016, 103 of all 125,216 USA Gymnastics members (.08%) trained in USAG’s Women’s Elite Program. They are a special breed and generally come from a handful of gyms and coaches from across the country.

The rest, ninety-nine plus percent, of gymnasts who compete represent the Everyday Gymnast. Tens of thousands of Everyday Gymnasts in this country are willing to do what it takes to make their dreams, whatever they are, come true. They condition, work out with sore muscles, stretch to increase their flexibility, and do bars with rips on their hands. They push themselves to their limits, whatever they may be for them, and they push through pain on a daily basis.

The Everyday Gymnast dedicates her young life to the sport. Her extracurricular time is devoted to going to the gym. Her Saturdays are eaten up by practice. Meals are eaten and homework is done in the car. But she doesn’t mind; she just wants to be in the gym. It’s what she does.

My Gym Rats brand and I stand for the Everyday Gymnast: the gymnast who loves gymnastics because it’s where she fits in, where she can try new things, where she can shine, and where she can have fun. The Everyday Gymnast won’t make it to the Olympics, may not get a college scholarship, might not get to level 10, or even do a giant, but will probably compete through the beginning levels of competition.

This doesn’t change her dedication to the sport; the Everyday Gymnast loves gymnastics. She eats, breathes, and sleeps gymnastics. She does it in the living room, on curbs, in her mind during the day, and in her dreams as she sleeps. It seems that all she can to do is be upside down.

The Gym Rats book series, starting with Gym Rats Basic Training, is made for the Everyday Gymnast, and with the Everyday Gymnast in mind. I was the Everyday Gymnast, I coach the Everyday Gymnast, and I relate to her. Grab your FREE, autographed copy of Gym Rats Basic Training today, and see what it’s all about!


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